Saturday, December 10, 2011

Realization of the Week

So today I heard a quote, it's actually a part of a youtube video that a guy made that talks about how women's bodies have been objectified and respect towards something so sacred has ultimately been lost among the majority of the male population today. The quote was:

"you should have to touch her heart and her mind first before you touch her body"

I'm not saying I'm a perfect or pure person by any means, but this really struck a chord with me. I don't know when it became okay to expect something on the first date, let alone the first night of meeting someone. I think the way that society has progressed is a disgrace to how it used to be, regarding casual flings. Yes, I believe that everyone deserves to be liberated at some point in their life and live life with no regrets, but only to an extent is this possible. I can't imagine anyone being perfectly fine in having relations with someone who doesn't even know their last name, let alone something about them that actually is meaningful. I'm not talking about the colour of their hair or what school they go to, but something about them as a person. Maybe they love dogs, or went on an exchange to France, or love to do yoga in their spare time. I think by knowing someone on a deeper level, a connection can be made that only adds to the quality of the experience that may or may not come out of it. I'm not saying living life without regrets isn't possible, I'm just saying that it's very unrealistic with anyone who has a moral compass or who possesses a level of self respect that should be universal. I came to the realization this past weekend that there's a difference between regretting something and wishing something had never happened. I believe that I fit better into the category of wishing some events in my life had never happened, but I don't necessarily regret them. I don't wake up every morning feeling like crap because of it, but at the same time if I could go back to that night I might choose a different outcome. 

Long story short, I just want all the girls out there to know that it's okay to not want to fit into the norm. Although hookups and one nighters might be what's "cool" these days or something that isn't seen as wrong at all, it's completely honorable to want to hold yourself above it all, and say to yourself that you deserve better: that better being is a guy who is willing to get to know your heart and soul before he even meets your body. 


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