Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best $5 I've Ever Spent

Today was my first full day in Ottawa and unfortunately my sleepiness got the best of my productivity. After waking up from a marathon slumber, I headed out to load up on groceries. 
For the first grocery run, I think I did pretty well, until it came to leaving... five full grocery bags and about a 15 minute walk didn't go so well together. So after much deliberation, I hailed a cab and to my surprise, $5.27 and about 3 minutes later, I arrived at the front door of my hotel. This cab ride for sure tops the best $5 I've spent, in the last few weeks at least. When I got home, I unloaded the groceries and washed all of the dishes in my suite (some crusty substances on the bowls and colander, yuck) then had a little snack of mini mini-wheats, yogurt and strawberries before skyping with one of my best friends Chrissy who just finished setting up her townhouse at UBC. I was lucky enough to hear from my sister, mom, and dad today, all of which say they miss me already...just over 24 hours after leaving but I can say I feel the same. Tomorrow I plan on getting up early (wish me luck) and heading to a church which I haven't decided on yet, for a 10am service. The thing about finding a new church is that no one really reviews churches. I trust online reviews of everything these days, hairdressers, restaurants, books, and movies, but churches aren't really in the same category. I guess I'll have to do some browsing and sit in on a few sermons before I can find my happy church which I really hope I can find here. I'm also hoping to go to a Moksha class here tomorrow, after going almost every day in August I find myself really missing it even though it's been less than a week. Now it's time for me to hop in the shower and cross my fingers that my hair will cooperate with the humidity here, very unlikely but we can hope right? 

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