Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 2 Of Classes

So today was my second day on campus and I had two classes. My first is a class which is pretty much an overview of all the social sciences which although it's a first year course, I hadn't taken before and it's mandatory for my degree. Although it seems pretty straight forward slash boring, I did get to know some of my classmates which was a bonus. Next I had anthro 2108 which is fieldwork... trying to be optimistic I'm just going to hope it's more interesting than the course outline makes it sound. I came home for lunch today and made one of my favourites, a grilled cheese sandwich mmm so basic but so delish and always seems to hit the spot. I got a little homesick today but thanks to my friends from back home (thank goodness for text messaging) I was able to wipe away the tears and try to just enjoy my day which is exactly what I'm about to do. I just grabbed some "supplies" from the LCBO which is their version of liquor stores in Ontario (it works so differently and they were so surprised when I said lots of liquor stores in Edmonton are open til midnight or later...) tonight we're going to a headphone disco in Quebec tonight which should be a neat experience. I'm about to head out to a new friends dorm to pregame and then meeting up with my "frosh group" at 8! Here we go! 

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