Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wine Review #1

So tonight I rushed to my local wine store after grabbing coffee with some friends who were in town, and to my luck I made it there just in time! (They close at 11 here). Unfortunately, they didn't have any wines from my favourite winery, Cassilero Del Diablo (Diablo for short) so I settled for a different bottle than usual. Inniskillin 2010 Pinot Noir was the wine of choice this evening and I have to say, they've done very well with this one. Personally I usually only drink pinot noir, merlot, or malbec if i'm drinking red because I find shiraz and cab sauv's too heavy and bitter, unless they're Diablos of course in which case I'll drink literally anything. 

Price: $14 CAD
Product of: Canada: Niagara Peninsula 
Taste in 3 words: light, crisp, sour
Overall experience: 8/10 
Bang for your buck: 7/10 

Overall, this was a great wine for a relaxing night in. It would be perfect with a mild pasta dish or simple brie and crackers. I would buy this wine again but I don't think it will be replacing my love for Diablo anytime soon. 


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