Sunday, September 4, 2011

Frosh Week Begins

So today I didn't get a chance to do either of the things I had planned, I slept through church and I can't go to yoga because apparently I have to be back on campus by 5 pm! I guess it's a good thing I went to go pick up my "frosh week kit" because they let me know of all the activities happening tonight! This kit was full of the most random things including kraft dinner, uncle ben's rice, franks red hot, a water bottle, coffee mug, toothpaste and whole bunch of other goodies. 
The only downside is that the only t-shirts they had left were L and XL... and I guess they're mandatory for this evenings events ugh. Each faculty has their own t-shirts, what do you think of the jester style of my faculty, social sciences? Apparently icebreaker activities start at 5 and then the busses for the cabin party leave at 7:30. Cabin party.. I know right?! Should be interesting. Lets hope I meet a friend or two seeing as I've been roaming solo the past few days. Anyways, I should probably make some dinner before heading back to campus for this evenings events! Wish me luck!


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