Monday, September 5, 2011

First Night of Frosh, Before & After

I left the hotel around 5:15, I wanted to be on time for "ice breakers" with all the first years in my group (S.A.S.A-> Sociology and Anthropology Student Association). When I got there I met quite a few people, most were 17-19 and almost all from Ontario. After playing some cheesy games that took me right back to my girl guide days, we all loaded up onto a bus destined to Camp Fortune in Quebec. It took about 20-30 minutes to get there and after waiting in line for alcohol which seemed like it took forever, we mingled with 1000+ other first years from uOttawa. It was quite the set up with 4 bars, and 4 DJs all playing different music, half the party was inside and half outside. Inside was so toasty that I don't think anyone minded in the least when it started pouring towards the end of the night, as we all fled to the main outdoor dance floor. Since we got there before 9, it was understandable that we were ready to head home before 1. Thank goodness I didn't stay any longer because this is not exactly what you want to look like when you're meeting a fellow classmate for the first time. 
Long story short, the cabin party was fun despite the never-ending lines for the bars. I can't wait to meet more fellow uOttawa-ers, hopefully some closer to my age (English speaking preferably...)

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