Saturday, September 3, 2011

Landed in YOW

Today was my first day in Ottawa, or half day I guess. I'm here for school, to finish my Honors Social Sciences Degree and I can't wait to get started. Although it's eerie to be in a city where the only person I know is my 30-something cousin, her fiance, and their two month old baby, I think everyone needs to get away from home, even just to try it, sometime in their life. I landed around 4pm and came straight to the hotel (I signed the apartment lease for October 1st, I loved it too much to settle for one that was leasing in September), and after doing some unpacking, conked right out. Once I woke up, I got some more arranging done, freshened up, and headed out to explore a bit. I was approached by two guys who asked where a good restaurant was around the Elgin Street area, so I guess I look like a local? Unfortunately I had to blow my cover and tell them I just moved, today to be exact. Tomorrow I plan on getting an early start to get my bearings, maybe grabbing a coffee and breakfast treat at Bridgehead, a cute coffeeshop I discovered while here for volleyball nationals a few years ago. Anyways, time for bed for me, trying to get at least 8 hours every night leading up to Uni!

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