Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day on Campus- Orientation

So today I woke up on time for once! Yippee! I had to in order to make it to my faculty's orientation, which was an hour of a professor making jokes in an attempt to make all the first years more comfortable to be out in the big bad world of university. Personally, I learned a few tidbits of information I wasn't sure about before but other than that the biggest score was the uOttawa USB they gave everyone upon entrance. After the orientation, there was a "cocktail hour" of pop and chips on the 8th floor of the social sciences building, which was a mingler with the dean and a bunch of profs from both Sociology and Anthropology. The awkward part was most of the introductions being in French... seeing as I can far from understand basic French let alone when they're talking about academics. All-in-all it was a good experience, I got to meet some of the profs I have this semester and met the guy who is in charge of advanced credit, lets hope he gives me more when I go to talk to him this week! I also ventured to the Starbucks on campus which is a little too convenient, on the main floor of my faculty's building! Even a Seattle based company has been turned French by this city though, check it out:
Although it's blurry, I hope you can tell that it's in French! Welcome to my world for the next year at least, eeek, lets hope I pick up enough to understand a professor's introduction this time next year! 
I'm about to take a nap though, I'm planning on going to volleyball tryouts tonight at 6 although I don't have my heart set on playing so we'll see what happens!

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