Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Days of the Week

Traditionally, most people have connotations connected to different days of the week. Monday is usually a groggy day, seeing as it's following the weekend and means returning to real life, work, school etc. Tuesday for my friends and I typically goes hand in hand with a bar back home that offers two dollar pints, and this summer it virtually replaced the weekend. Wednesday, or hump day, is seen as the one you need to get through before the sprint to the weekend. Thursday... I can't really think of anything except for it being the day before Friday (TGIF). Saturday tends to be more fun than Sunday, which is usually a day of rest, recovery, and rejuvenation before the beginning of yet another week. And on goes the cycle...

This year, I'm trying to start not only week a fresh, but every day. Whether it be starting it with a relaxing yoga class, a cup of coffee, or a walk by the canal, I'm trying to redefine every day of the week. I've finally come to accept more often than not, opting out on going out on weekends. Also, I've been trying to enjoy Mondays as a bright start to the week, not holding a grudge against them as I have in the past. In doing so, I hope that my feelings towards every day turn into an invigoration of what's to come. Being thankful for every moment, every day, whether it be a Friday (wahoo!) or an ever dreaded Monday. 

I'm not sure how long this new theory on the days of the week is going to pan out but I'm going to try to stick with it, I mean who knows, maybe days have feelings too.


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