Friday, September 9, 2011

Missing Home a Tad

Today is Friday, it was a hot one in Ottawa, 28 degrees to be exact. I had class 11:30-4:00 which went well except for the fact my middle class in at Lees campus which is about a 5 minute bus ride away from main and just not the most convenient. Today I'm feeling a little homesick, mostly I miss my family and my dog, Jack. I'm hoping this weekend is relaxing and fun seeing as next week is when the cracking down in class really begins. I think I still need to diddle around with my schedule a bit (hopefully dropping the first year intro english essay writing course..) and then I'll be set! I think I'm gonna take it easy tonight, I just painted my nails and now I'm gonna go for a little walk, maybe grab a tea, and come back to read a bit. I guess this is what it's like being in third year, no more partying every single night (mom and dad will be happy about that ;) ) I better head out before it gets too late, need to have a productive day of grocery shopping and hopefully find a bike tomorrow! 
- C

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